Thursday, February 03, 2011

Really - I am pathetic. As explained and shared in this blog, I'm sort-of disorganized when it comes to sending out my plays. Instead of keeping track of who, when and where the plays end up, I rely on their response to guide me.

Today, for example, I received a "Dear Playwright" letter - actually it was a "Greetings Playwright!" e-mail to be exact. It was a relatively nice "thanks-but-no-thanks" if these things can be classified as nice. There was a list of playwrights whose works were being performed and mine wasn't among them. Thing is - I don't remember whether I submitted something to them or not! I suppose I could send them a letter...something to the effect:

"Dear Blah-Blah,

Thank you for your e-mail and for providing me with a list of the lucky playwrights even though my name is missing, and adding some nice words and phrases to make the non-winners feel better. I've been somewhat busy of late and I'm wondering if you might be so kind as to provide me with the title of the play I did and/or could-have and/or might-have sent you. It's for my records you understand and I wouldn't want to keep submitting the same play(s) to you year after year. Wishing you a successful season, which would have been more successful had my play been selected."

Maybe one day I'll get my act together. Oh my -I made a pun!

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