Monday, July 14, 2014

Oh well..."Old Soldiers" will get older

The results are in and it ain't good.

"Don't beat around the bush, Eleanor. Give us your latest "Old Soldiers" update."

In the way of a memory jogger because some people may have forgotten, a while back I wrote a short story based on an interview conducted for Remembrance Day with army veterans for my newspaper column. Their recollections were vivid as they related their war experiences along with strong bonds of friendship created between the combatants. Reading over the notes, the story suddenly took on a life of its own and the first edition, a short story, of  "Old Soldiers" was born leading to the creation of the play version of "Old Soldiers."

Initially, it was start-stop, start-stop writing and long periods of the dreaded white-screen syndrome with minimal progress made, until the opportunity arose to enter the BBC International Radio Playwriting competition. As is my habit, a lot of time passed until the decision to finish the play and enter it as my submission to the competition. It was a difficult task having no experience in writing for radio and the story line had to be adjusted to accommodate sound effects, plus adding substantial dialogue. Eventually, I managed to finish it and sent it on its way to the BBC.

"You do go on so, Eleanor. What's the end result?"

The long list of semi-finalists was posted last week and ~ sigh ~ my name was missing. Must have been an over sight or something on their part because the play has all the ingredients of a good story, with a good mix of drama and comedy, my specialty. Thinking back and in retrospect, it would work better as a film given some of the changes of scenes but if one doesn't enter the competition, then for sure one can't win. Right? Soooooo...I'm re-writing the story (once again) this time as a proper stage play, which will require some re-thinking of the story line and changes in the characters. So what else is new.

On a positive note, my play "Retribution" will be part of "The Originals: Sundog Summer Reading Series put on by the Sundog Theatre of Staten Island, on Thursday, August 7, 8 o'clock p.m. at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Gardens, building "G" - room 201, 1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY. Entrance is free of charge and I can guarantee you that the story line will hold your attention and then some.

And so, it's onward to the next re-write, new play waiting to be written and the continuing search for potential producers, theatres and the like. Is there anything else worth pursuing?

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