Monday, April 08, 2013

In submission mode...again

I'm in a submission, as in submitting one of my plays, state of mind.

As a Twitter-er or Tweeter or whatever it's called, came across a theatre that caught my attention. After reading the submission guidelines, decided my "Retribution" play might be a good fit.

Wrote this play a while ago and over time have tweaked it to the point where it's now "submission-ready", or at least in my opinion. A one-act play and a drama with a cast of three people, don't really know where the impetus for the idea behind the play came from. It definitely wrote itself and I was merely a means in which the words jumped on to the computer screen. Sometimes it just happens - that easy. It makes up for all the times that in spite of a concerted effort, a plot falls apart and the play is forever relegated to the "save for the future" file. Unforutnately, there are a number of these in this file.

Still haven't finished "Old Soldiers" (Eleanor holds her head down, shaking it sadly) in spite of choosing an ending. Perhaps my real psychological block is the decision to convert it to a radio play, a medium in which I'm not familiar. The dialogue, as I've shared here, is very strong as are the characters, but my concern is with the addition of sound-effects. Although the BBC stated on Facebook that there will be a competition this year, I'm still waiting for the announcement of a new deadline. Nothing like a deadline as an impetus.

In any case, it's been a while since submitting "Retribution" and maybe - just maybe - this time will be the right time.


Katrina Ray-Saulis said...

Submission mode is my current state as well. Submitting poems and fiction because no matter how hard I try I just can't write a good script... Yet... Good luck!

scriberess said...

Hi Katrina,

Aren't we always in this mode, in the hope of hitting p(l)ay-dirt? As creators, our muse(s) compel us to write so hang in there. Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.