Sunday, December 02, 2012

Old Soldiers are calling me again...and again...

A few months ago - maybe longer - vowing to finish the Old Soldiers play to anyone reading this blog who has kept up with this continuing procrastination, I'm still no further ahead.

"This is not news, Eleanor!" you're probably saying or thinking to yourself.

The play, forever in the 'unifinished-but-almost-there-file', based on a short story written a while back, has a magical effect on my psyche and although it has frequently been put on hold, the old soldier "gang" is always present, calling me.

"So when are you finally going to give us some type of resolution?" the characters asks me regularly, just before falling asleep at night."We've been in limbo for years now."

Don't I know it!

The dilemma is deciding upon a plethora of endings and possibilities, and which one would be best suitable for dramatic impact. The characters themselves are well defined and no tinkering is necessary in this area.

"You've changed directions so often, we're all getting dizzy!"old Joe scolds me whenever I'm reading over added dialogue. "You have to make a decision and stick to it."

Easier said or written than actually accomplished. There are so many possible endings and the dilemma is choosing the right one. 'Right one' key words here.

Then there is the issue of writing for radio, a challenge in itself.

Radio requires sound effects to propel the story along and although my dialogue is strong (IMHO), not sure whether there is sufficient sound or action. When writing the dialogue, I hear the characters speak and envision their movements but the challenge is how to translate this into audible action.

In any case and for no other reason than to force myself to make a decision, I've decided to make a choice and live with it, good or bad. Since the next deadline would be next April (2013), there is time to work out the details. Maybe too much time in my case...

The angst of indecision!

Will provide regular updates as to my progress. Where and when have you read that before?

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