Sunday, July 29, 2012

Playwright is somewhat depressed but "Chicago" was a spirit-lifter.

At this point in time with less than a week to go, my "Old Soldiers" may get a year older. In spite of an intensive thrust or effort to finish the BBC Radio International Playwriting competition entry, there is still some i.e. about 12 pages, work to be done.

"For heaven's sake, Eleanor...this is not the first time you've delayed entering the competition!" my inner playwright/muse is telling me.

Unfortunately very true. One of my main problems is having to add sound effects. It means, at least in my mind, that there has to be a lot going on and Old Soldiers is dialogue-heavy. When re-reading newly added dialogue, there doesn't seem to be a reason or place for a sound.

In any case, let's say...the play was completed at this point. It would not be edited yet and to enter a competition for the sake of entering is not a good idea. All that work and believe me there was a lot of work and focus on writing the play, would be for nothing.

So once again, I'm farklempt, at least at this point, having not reached my goal of entering a play. Perhaps taking a story and converting it into a radio play wasn't a realistic option. Really - I don't know. Unless there is an extension, I'm out of it for this year. Again.


On a more upbeat note and while visiting NYC, we caught the musical, "Chicago", which never fails to please and entertain. Although it was a minimalist production in that there were no costume or set changes, the music and choreography more than made up for this aspect of the show. Another interesting facet was to have the orchestra on stage with the conductor contributing some lines of dialogue. We had booked to see a revival of "Anything Goes",  which unexpectedly ended its run. Too bad because we had been looking forward to this show. Given the uncertain economy, seems that Broadway is going with the safe-and-sure audience favorites, although Anything Goes has gone.

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