Thursday, July 12, 2012

The end is near for Joe McKenna, in more ways than one. My short play, "Old Soldiers" is reaching a finale, I'm thrilled to report.

"So when did this all occur, Eleanor?"

For whatever reason - desperation to make a deadline springs to mind - I've been adding material/dialogue over the past two weeks. Periodically, there have been re-checks and tweaking to ensure that the flow of words "sounds" natural and things make sense. Overall, things are progressing at a good speed.

"Do you think you can make the deadline?"

I'm aiming for this but one never knows. It has to be ready to submit by the end of July and time is marching on. Always that will-it-be-ready anxiety. Also, there is still one existing problem as I view it.

"And that would be...?"

A very serious issue, actually, which is insufficient sound effects. Rather than angst over this issue and waste time going back to see what can be added, I'm focusing on the story and dialogue and then re-examine and add after (she wrote hopefully).

"How many more pages left to write?"

Approximately twenty pages, which will focus on Joe's stand to make a point, his meeting with a young boy and Joe's three friends. In other words, the wind up to the story. Still not sure whether all the above-mentioned aspects will be included, It depends on the amount of space.

Did I mention I'm pleased with myself?

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