Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Been doing anything about your plays and your plan to get them produced, Eleanor?"
Well glad that you asked, friend, because I have already started things in motion towards this goal.
"So tell us what's happening! Share!"
To begin with I submitted my two-act play, "GIN - AN ALLEGORY FOR PLAYING THE GAME OF LIFE" to a theatre in Philadelphia. Don't want to mention the name in case it will be bad luck. Mind you given my track record... Still, when I get a response one way or the other, then I'll name-names.
"That's it, Eleanor? That's the only one?"
Well... I did submit my one-and-only one act play, "RETRIBUTION" to the BBC's International Playwriting Competition for radio for playwright's living anywhere in the world except Great Britain. This was a complete departure for me and it required a semi-rewrite to replace the physical directions with dialogue and sound effects. Actually, it was an interesting challenge. If I win (I should be so lucky!) I'll be flown to England and see my play being performed.
"Anything else you feel like sharing?"
For the second time I sent a short-short i.e. 10 minutes to a competition where plays are performed in the geographical location of the play's setting.
"Got any plans for the future?"
I'd like to find an outlet for my "A Night Out with Barbie and Ken and Other Mattel Dolls" if anyone reading this is interested. Very funny and entertaining. I envision it being performed as a doll theatre or even more interesting and challenging, with real live people acting out the roles of Barbie, GIJoe, Ken, Blaine and a Bratz doll.
Whenever there's news I'll report it here and provide the details in an update.

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