Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A change of location on vacation has caused a state of lethargy.

So I've been making like many a snowbird and spending the winter down south. The weather has been absolutely fabulous and we are bathed in sunshine every day. Logically, I should feel inspired to be creative but the change of venue has sapped my inspiration. At home there is always something, someone, somewhere that tweaks my creative juices. My most pressing problem here is what number sun screen is best and whether my flip-flops will last until the end.

The most inspiring moments have occurred while doing aqua fitness listening to some of the comments made by the participants. Complaints about aching body parts, discussions where to go for supper - these are important topics!

The wild life here is truly amazing and most likely will turn up in some form in my paintings. When it comes to playwriting, I'm drawing a blank.

So I'm waiting for my muse to give me a kick in the right place to get me on track again. If not - there's no place like home, Auntie Em.

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