Wednesday, June 29, 2011


"Old Soldiers" is slowly evolving into a play. Whether it will be or could be considered radio-ready is another story or issue.

As mentioned in a number of previous pieces, I missed the deadline for the BBC Radio International Playwriting Competition. I had intended to re-write my favorite all-time short story, "Old Soldiers" into a radio play but somehow it just didn't happen. So what else is new.

In any case, I'm determined to have it ready for the next competition. To this end I even posted and shared pieces of it in this blog and received feedback from a cyber aquaintance who had written for radio. He wasn't impressed - let's leave it at that. It's been my experience that if I listened to everybody who has ever expressed a negative opinion about my writing, my career would never have lasted more than thirty years. I do, however, respect people's reactions but in the end will go by my gut feeling.

Today I'm proud to share that I wrote four pages of dialogue. It was the introduction so it's important and I like the end result. Now I have to think about how the story line will develop and will use and write a guide to this end. Always amazes me how and when my characters write their own lines. I hear them talking and am an invisible visitor as they share their lives. How fortunate I am!

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