Wednesday, February 06, 2008

(a silent play with no words spoken whatsoever)
By Eleanor Tylbor

GUY1 walks across the stage and is approached by GUY2.

GUY1 waves at GUY2 but GUY2 doesn't wave back.

GUY1 waves at GUY2 again, smiling.

GUY2 ignores him and turns his head sideways.

GUY1 rushes over to him and taps him on the shoulder, forcing GUY2 to acknowledge his presence

GUY2 turns to face him, pushes him backwards and attempts to rush away

GUY1 blocks his departure with an extended arm and moves his face close to GUY2's face, and points to his face

GUY2 backs up and attempts to flee

GUY1 chases after him but GUY2 moves too quickly.

GUY 1 drops his head and shakes it slowly and his shoulders droop indicating dejection


GUY1 lifts his head and focuses his attention on her. He scans her body with his eyes, taking in her figure. He smoothes his hair, fixes his shirt collar and adjusts his pants. She is reading while walking and he makes a point of bumping into her.

FEMALE, startled, drops book and takes step backward.

GUY1 smiles and bends over to pick up book. He glances at title and points at her - then at himself.

FEMALE grabs book out of his hand and attempts to move on, obviously leery of GUY1.

GUY1 extends his arm and touches her shoulder. She whirls around and hits him squarely across his face. He reels backwards and places his hand on his face, shaking his head in bewilderment and shrugs his shoulders

FEMALE removes her purse that is hanging on her shoulder and hits him on his shoulders - then focuses her attention on the book and moves on

GUY1 drops down on to the floor, drops his head and it's obvious by his heaving shoulders that he is sobbing. He shakes his head in frustration while pounding the floor with his fists.

He suddenly jumps up after spotting a CLOWN, who is puffing away on a cigarette. GUY1 jumps up and down in excitement, runs towards clown in an attempt to communicate with him


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